A Story of Senior citizen Veteran Michael Fitzjohn Vietnam Veteran

Michael Fitzjohn has done B.S. from the University of Oregon.He is 100% Disabled Vietnam veteran. Proud liberal. He mainly write about Senior Citizen issues, about Bipolar disease, Agent Orange, Veterans affairs, History buff, elderly And dementia issues

Michael Fitzjohn

I’m a disabled Vietnam veteran. I will soon join the approximately 390 Vietnam veterans dying each day.

I was exposed to Agent Orange, a chemical

used to defoliate the jungle so the enemy could be seen easier.

I was diagnosed with a type of Parkinson’s which will kill me within five years.

The Veterans department needs to save money in order to help veterans serving in our never- ending war to fight terrorism.

Vietnam veterans are dying faster because the VA has limited disability payments to those suffering from Agent Orange. Doctors are urging the VA to add additional diseases from Agent Orange.

The VA has promised to explore adding to the list but are refusing to make a decision.

Call 844-698-2311

Ask the director, David, J. Shulkin to put Vietnam Veterans needs in place of the budget.

We need your help. We’re dying.

You can contact him https://www.quora.com/profile/Michael-Fitzjohn-1