Veterans Day inspirational Videos Complete Collections 2021

With Trump’s nonsensical blabbering about other nations, the people of America can now only rely on their army for their safety. Trump’s recent comment on North Korea that he is going to ‘totally destroy’ it has acerbated the already strained ties between the two nations. Now that North Korea has sworn to make Trump pay the price, there is a lot of pressure on the US army. The sacrifice that the army makes for its nation cannot be expressed in words. That is why people in the US pay their respect to their military veterans by celebrating Veterans Day. People celebrate Veterans Day by sharing Veterans Day inspirational videos, pics etc. on various social media sites.

What is Veterans Day

Celebrated on the 11th of November every year, the Veterans Day was previously called as the Armistice Day. It is still celebrated by the same name in some countries. Some countries also celebrate the day by the name of Remembrance Day. There are people who might confuse Veterans Day with Memorial Day.

Clearing the air for them; Memorial Day is celebrated to pay tribute to the war veterans who died while serving their country in the battlefield. But Veterans Day is celebrated to honor all the living war veterans of the US.

Initially, the day was celebrated by people to pay their respects to the veterans of the World War I. But after World War II, the idea was broadened. Since then Veterans Day is celebrated to honor all war veterans.

There is some confusion owing to the spelling of the Veterans Day. Some spell it as Veteran’s Day too. But this day does not mark any possessiveness; rather this day is celebrated to honor the Veterans.

All federal offices and schools remain closed on the occasion of Veterans Day. If the day falls on any weekend (Saturday or Sunday), it is celebrated on the closest Friday or Monday.

 Veterans Day inspirational Videos

Watch Veterans Day inspirational videos

How we celebrated Veterans Day:

Veterans Day is celebrated all across the nation with a lot of pomp and show. The celebration today starts and ends on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. get filled with Veterans Day inspiration videos, pictures, quotes etc.

People also wish each other on Veterans Day through WhatsApp messages and other messaging applications. Veterans Day parades and parties are organized in various cities.

Veterans living in the society are called to the parties and are asked to share their experience of the war zone with people. Feasts and parties are organized to honor the war heroes who have fought for the nation selflessly.

It is not just the elders who celebrate Veterans Day; children also celebrate the day by honoring the veterans in their own cute little ways…

  • Often school teachers ask the children to bring Veterans Day quotes and posters to the school.
  • Veterans Day school parades are also organized on the day just before or following Veterans Day.
  • Students are also asked to make Veterans Day inspiration videos and share them with the veterans living in the community.
  • Schools often organize Veterans Day celebrations in which they call all the war veterans living in the community and ask them to share their stories with the children. Imbibing the idea of patriotism in the minds of children can’t be done in a better way. They realize how important is the role of the army in keeping the nation safe and sound.

Here is an idea of how you can celebrate Veterans Day by using these inspirational videos. Call all the war veterans living in or close-by communities and organize a get-together for them. Apart from asking them to share their experience, you can do many other kinds of stuff for them.

Show these self-made Veterans Day inspirational videos on a projector and ask the children of our society to sing a patriotic son alongside.

If you are in search of Veterans day inspirational video for kindergarten, Veterans day inspirational video for elementary students, Veterans day inspirational video for middle school, then you are in the right place.

We have got a huge collection of Veterans Day inspirational videos and pics right here. You can easily download them and share them on your social media pages and walls.

You can also edit them and create your own unique videos.

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