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Celebrated on November 11, annually, Veterans Day is a major public holiday in the United Sates. Often coinciding with other holidays such as Remembrance Day; Armistice Day, which are celebrated in other countries to mark the end of the World War I, Veterans Day was previously known as the Armistice Day, only to be renamed in 1954. The Armed Forces Day recognises the efforts of those currently serving in the US military. Veterans Day Essay on the other hand, commemorates the bravery shown on part of our veterans.

Although other such military holidays such as the Memorial Day and the Armed Forces Day are too celebrated with grandeur and prestige, they are not to be confused with the Veterans Day. This is because, Memorial Day memorialises and honors the lives of those who died protecting the country.

Why should we Honor our Veterans Essay?

In a country that celebrates the principles of freedom and liberty and claims to be the leader of the ’free world’, it is essential to recognize that freedom does not come free of cost. It needs to be fought for. It needs to be guarded safely for the benefit of all and only a few valiant and heroic men and women are bestowed upon with such an honor.

For us, our ultimate idols and heroes are our Veterans. It is only fair to designate a fixed day to the people who have defended the core values this country was built upon. It is rather, more than fair to continue to remember and honor the fact that our veterans had to forego joys and luxuries of a ‘’normal life’’ through Veterans Day essay.

What did Veterans do for our country?

Gratitude is a universal language. People who sacrifice their normal day-to-day life for the sake of the greater good – the safety, security and general wellbeing of the nation, our Veterans need to be shown just that. Veteran essay is simply one of the many ways of doing that.

As USA was formed on the fundamentals of a free and hopeful world, a melting pot for all people aspiring to live the ‘American Dream’, a better life, it is terribly ignorant to ignore why any of this has been possible.

Veterans day Essay Topic for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade student.

  • 3rd Grade Topic: Thank a veteran in one page, handwritten on the front side of the paper only. Remember to acknowledge all their sacrifices, including being away from their families, while they protected our freedom as Americans.
  • 4th Grade Topic: Answer the following question in one page, handwritten on the front side of the paper only. What makes the United States of America a “beautiful” place to live?
  • 5th Grade Topic: Answer the following question in one page, handwritten on the front side of the paper only. Why is the United States of America known around the world as “the land of the free,” and how has that title been earned by our nation’s veterans?

Veterans Day essay helps us keep our veterans in our thoughts. It is a federal holiday which only goes on to tell us how important it is for the entire nation to commemorate such an indispensible occasion.

Veterans Day Essay

Veterans Day honors all veterans. Irrespective of when or how long / short they served the nation. Being thankful is what helps any country go forward and excel. And the United States places extreme importance in ensuring that it is observed in all its glory by small initiatives like Veterans Day essay.

USA is a democracy. It has always believed in democratic virtues as it was the founding feature of the country. Democracy cannot exist without freedom and freedom could not have existed without the selfless service and devotion of all our Veterans. Veterans Day essay not only helps us keep them in our hearts but also inculcates a better mindset in the minds of our future generations.

Veterans Day essay helps in still the values of acknowledgement, appreciation, regard and respect. Without these, a human’s all-round development is incomplete.

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Veterans Day Essay

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