Veterans Day Program Ideas For Seniors @ 2021

Veterans Day or Armistice Day is a national holiday that is celebrated annually on November 11 in the United States to honor all the veterans that are people who served the US military or the armed forces and now have retired or have been discharged.

Socialisation is extremely important to senior citizens, especially during the holidays. This veteran’s day you can visit a local nursing home, VA (Veterans Affairs) hospital, or assisted community near you just to sit and talk with the elderly for a little while. 

To help you out, here are some veterans day program ideas for seniors:

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This idea is for all those people in their 60s trying to be fit. You can gather around senior citizens in your locality along with the younger generation to practice yoga as a part of this holiday. A good start of the holiday will ensure that a great great day lies ahead of you. 


Puzzles with Breakfast

This is for all the people who are just too lazy to move their body, might I suggest just a normal morning for you all. You can take initiative and call up all the seniors in your area, for some tea and breakfast and hand them some crosswords or puzzles to solve in groups. This way you can see teamwork, maybe some competition as to who solves it first and their immense knowledge.


Relive your Student Life

Many colleges and universities have lifelong learning programs. You can take a seniors-only class where you can teach them new technologies or how to use gadgets or clear their doubts regarding social networks.


Senior Citizen Activities

Like we say there is a child in everyone, it is never too late to revisit your childhood. To bring out that child in your older buddies you can arrange for some kind of art club. You can give them a sheet and crayons and let them draw. This is sure to bring out some creativity that they themselves never knew that they had. You can also arrange for some sewing, knitting, gardening classes.


Health Care Programs

Health is important for any age that you consider but very important for senior citizens. You can arrange for health checkups and conduct seminars that will address their health and give them tips to take care of their health. You can list the food items they should avoid and ones they should include.

Laughter Clubs

As we all know laughter is the best medicine you can use that and arrange laughter clubs for the elderly. This will prove to be a stress buster for you as well as for them. It is also a great way to bring them together. 


Reading Classes

Elders have a lot to give to others, the only thing is we need to listen. By keeping this in mind you can arrange a book reading session. You can ask the elderly for storytelling sessions for kids. In this way, they would get to spend with the little ones.

We hope that these activities help keep you and the senior citizens of your community on their feet. We wish you a very happy veterans day!  


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