One of the most popular United States Public Holidays is the Veterans Day. Celebrated on the 11th of November every year, Veterans Day marks the honouring of Military veterans who have served their nation through the United States Armed Forces. The people who fought for the nation and brought glorifying days of freedom should be honoured and this particular day is meant for it. Before getting into the details of how to celebrate Veterans Day, Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day 2021.

All you need to know about ‘Happy Veterans Day’

As stated above, Veterans Day is celebrated to honor the people who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

The day is celebrated by many names in different countries apart from the US. In many countries, it is celebrated as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day to mark the end of World War 1. US celebrated 11 November as Armistice Day till the year 1954. After that they celebrated the day as Veterans Day.

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Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day

Some people mix it up with Memorial Day but both the days are very different. Memorial Day is celebrated to honor the war veterans who ‘died’ in their military service while Veterans Day is for the military veterans who are so very much alive.

People requested the then President Calvin Coolidge to mark the day as a National holiday.

As a result, under a Congressional Act (52 Stat. 351; 5 U.S. Code, Sec. 87a) approved on 13th of May, 1938, 11th November was declared as a legal holiday.Veterans Day Thank You Quotes and Awesome Veterans Day Quotes

Though the very concept of Veterans Day was developed around honoring the Veterans of World War I, years later when World War II ended, the concept of the day was changed.

World War II veteran Raymond Weeks suggested that instead of honoring the veterans of World War I only, the Armistice Day or the Veterans Day should also be celebrated to honor the veterans of World War II too.

That is how the idea of celebrating the day as a National Veterans Day came into effect. Gen. Veterans Day inspirational 

Dwight Eisenhower also supported Weeks in this front. With Eisenhower’s support, Week started the official celebration in Alabama in the year 1947 and celebrated the day every year till his demise in the year 1985. Because of his steady driving force and interest towards the celebration of the honorary veterans,

he was honoured at the White House by President Reagan with the Presidential Citizenship Medal in the year 1982. Elizabeth Dole, who prepared the speech for President Reagan, named Weeks as the “Father of Veterans Day.”

Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day 2021

U.S. Representative Ed Rees from Kansas presented a bill to mark the day as a holiday through Congress. President Dwight Eisenhower signed the bill into law on 26 May of 1954. Until 1 June, 1954 the day was called and celebrated as Armistice Day.

It was on this very day that Congress amended the bill and renamed the day as Veterans Day.

Along with the renaming of the day, the National Veterans Award was also launched. The award is given to war veterans who have achieved extraordinary goals in the field of the military.

The first award was given to Congressman Rees for his unending support and offering legislation to make the Veterans Day a federal holiday.

There has been quite a lot of speculation around the spelling of the Veterans Day. You must have noticed “Happy Veteran’s Day” and “Happy Veterans’ Day” on various hoardings and boards across the city when the month of November comes. But both the spellings are not valid.

The name of the day was not chosen with a possessive sense, rather the day has an attributive essence. It does not belong to the Veterans, it is celebrated to honor them and pay respect to them.

Though most of us might be aware of that fact that the Veterans Day is celebrated on 11 November every year, there had been some change in the day of celebration. In 1971, it was decided to celebrate Happy Veterans Day on every fourth Monday of the month of October every year.

But it was moved back to the original plan of celebrating Veterans Day on 11 November in the year 1978.

A celebration of the day is marked so seriously that organizations which observe the day celebrate the event on adjacent Monday or Friday if 11th of November falls on a Saturday or Sunday. Almost all federal and non-essential federal government offices remain close on the mark of Veterans Day. Mails and letters all come to halt.

People who are forced to work on the day get high holiday payouts for their effort.

Have a blast at the various events organised on occasion of Happy Veterans Day!

Celebrate Veterans Day Veterans Day Celebrate

Veterans Day Celebrate

If you are planning to celebrate Veterans Day than you are in the right pace for options. If you are wondering how to celebrate Veterans Day, then please have a look at the below celebratory options. Veterans Day Poems For Church

America’s Parade:

This popular march conducted on Veterans Day is a favorite among all. Every parade is conducted with a strong message or memory behind it. last year, it was to mark the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attack, with special recognition of Afghanistan, Iraq, and other Post-9/11 veterans, as well as First Responders. It also commemorated the 25th Anniversary of Desert Storm.

Personnel from all military sectors like the United States Coast Guard, the Army, the Marines, the Air Force and the Navy take part in the parade.

The traditional opening ceremony was held at the Eternal Light Monument (5th Avenue at 24th Street, next to Madison Square Park). The opening ceremony was followed by the parade.

The ceremony usually begins at 10:00 AM and concludes with a wreath-laying at 11:00 AM. Happy Veterans Day Clip Art For Facebook

National Veterans Day Ceremony:

Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day

Why Do We Celebrate Veterans Day

Starting at 11 a.m. at the Arlington National Cemetery, the National Veterans Day Ceremony starts with the wreath laying at the Tomb of the Unknowns and it is followed by the ceremony at the Memorial Amphitheater.

The Manassas Veterans Day Parade:

Known as the largest Happy Veterans Day Parade in Northern Virginia and in the Washington, D.C. area, it is held on 12 November every year. It kicks off at 11 in the morning from the intersection of Quarry Rd. and Prescott Ave. in Historic Manassas.

Other celebrations:

Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is a must visit during the celebration of Veterans Day. You would absolutely love the live music show, civil war encampment, military vehicle display.

The National Veterans Art Museum, in Chicago, IL should also be on your list as it will display military combat inspired artworks that are just going to awestruck you.

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