Veterans Day Speeches Which Make Your Heart Patriotic

The fear of losing someone inflicts upon the people whose loved ones are in the military. Every time they go on duty, their loved ones’ hearts skip a beat. So, just imagine how unbearable must the pain be when they do lose their loved ones. Well, that is the value of the sacrifice made by the brave soldiers of a nation. The United States of America celebrates Veterans Day on the 11th of November every year. It is celebrated by people to pay their tributes to all those brave souls who have fought for their nation. Veterans day speeches and Veterans Day inspirational videos are a common thing to come across on this day. Don’t Miss Veterans Day images and Veterans day Thanks You quotes on our homepage.

History of Veterans Day

After the end of World War I, on the 11th of November 1918, the Armistice of Germany went into effect. It is after this effect that the day had been named as Armistice Day. It was renamed as Veterans Day in the year 1954.

Initially, the day was celebrated to honor all those war veterans who had fought in the World War I. But after the end of Second World War, it was decided that the day should be renamed as Veterans Day and should be celebrated to honor all war veterans irrespective of the wars they fought in.

Obama Full Speech Honoring Veterans Day 2021

Veterans Day is called as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in other countries. On the 11th of November, all schools and federal offices remain closed. If the day falls on a Saturday or Sunday it is celebrated on Friday or Monday respectively. A celebration of the day is marked with Veterans Day speeches, Veterans Day thank you quotes, Veterans Day parades etc.

There are various ways in which the Veterans Day can be celebrated. Veterans Day is celebrated in schools, offices, colleges etc.

Veterans Day celebration in schools

In schools, teachers ask the children to prepare Veterans Day posters and bring them to school on the day preceding or following Veterans Day. Numerous schools organize Veterans Day parades on the occasion of Veterans Day.

Sometimes, school authorities organize small parties on the day and invite the war veterans living close by.

The war veterans share their brave stories of war and give inspirational Veterans Day speeches on the event. Students are also asked to write Veterans Day songs and thanks you quotes which they share with the veteran invitees.

We have collected some of the most touching and inspirational Veterans Day speeches for you guys. Do have a look at them and share your views about them.

Veterans Day celebration in offices

Just like schools, various federal offices also organize Veterans Day celebration parties. They also call the war veterans who live near-by and pay their tribute to them by organizing health camps for them.

The employees also love to hear them out and like to hear their war stories. War veterans also give patriotic speeches on Veterans Day.

Various cities organize magnanimous Veterans Day parades in which thousands of people take part. People drive from different places to take part in popular Veterans Day parades.

The cities with the best Veterans Day parades are New York City, Alabama, Los Angeles, Birmingham, Houston etc. Do visit the parades of these cities on the Veterans Day.

They are remarkable and will certainly awe-struck you.

Veterans Day Speeches

People come to these parades to hear out the soulful Veterans Day speeches of various war veterans. The people come with the national flag in one hand and red poppies, which symbolizes Veterans Day, on the other.

They sing patriotic songs and bring Veterans Day posters to the parade. The parades are organized around 11 o’clock in the morning and last for about an hour.

After the parade ends, parties and feasts are organized for the veteran invitees. Some cities also organize health centers and camps for the veterans.

Tulsi Gabbard Veterans Day Speech (Nov. 11, 2016)

People also share pies and cakes with the veterans living in their societies or communities. Some people also conduct small parties and invite the war veterans of their community.

The veterans love to share their war stories with all and people honor them by singing patriotic songs for them.

The inspirational Veterans Day speeches that the veterans give bring tears to the eyes of the people. You can download Veterans Day Speech PDF FIle and Doc from Below link.



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