Veterans Day Recipes honoring the great heroes of America!


Veterans Day is also known as armistice day is celebrated as a national holiday in the united states. Observed annually on November 11. This day is meant to honor military veterans, who are people who have served the US military or armed forces and now have now discharged or retired.  

Celebrations include a day of thrilling stories during wars. All this on the dinging table served with a side of some delicious veterans day recipes to go with it!! It seems to be as if no matter how many secret family recipes you have stockpiled one will always be short of good veterans day recipes ideas.

Veterans Day Recipes


What better way to start the day than by serving breakfast in bed to warm up the veteran’s heart. The special fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with a blueberry compote twist not only leaves the house smelling incredible but also leaves others wanting more. Blueberries not only add the tangy note to the sweet pancakes but also start the day with nostalgic stories. 

If you have a veteran who is not an admirer of sweet I have got you covered. These may not be the highly praised pancakes but surely is the first choice for all. Tacos, casseroles, oatmeal, or a sunny side egg would serve the best at any given time just like the veteran!

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Now with a beautiful breakfast, you might be worried about the lunch preparations, well nothing better hits the spot like a  traditional lunch. Yes, lunch is definitely incomplete without pork chops or homemade lasagna. Some like to savor it with the age-old tradition of America. The infamous Mac-n-cheese. 

The tender chicken might just tuck its way in the menu along with pot rice. The creaminess of cheese fills the mouth and would surely leave the veteran nostalgic! Might I suggest a little something light for the stomach?

How about some Caesar salad? Wouldn’t you just the love a little crunchy and soft lettuce base with maybe chicken on it and homemade dressing to enhance its flavor and some more parmesan cheese. Or maybe some Brussels sprout just for the kids to make weird faces by looking at it! 


The Most Important Part! Drinks!

Aren’t you just teeming with anticipation with just the idea of this wholesome meal? But we sure do know that no meal is really complete without a drink to go with it. Don’t know who said that but I surely believe it!! Now you might be lucky in case of veteran day drinks as you can have a variety of cocktails, mocktails, and some antique-looking drinks for the kids. 

These men and women have served the nation well and now it’s our turn to serve them with the best veterans day cocktail recipes. Might as well give them a taste of Bloody Mary. This drink will absolutely suit the mood the lunch has created and a sip of it will surely take you to the battlefield. It will serve as the whole package with vodka, some lemon, paprika, some Tabasco…yes, you read it correctly. 

A sip of it will just kick in your sense and in no time you are firing the gun the veteran once held. For those taking it light a strawberry jell -O shot would be a perfect go. No drink is as good as a mix of strawberries and some rum. 

As kids they don’t want to be left out from the drinking game the adults are playing so might as well get them some old fashioned strawberry milkshake. Or a blueberry smoothie using the leftover blueberries from the breakfast would let the children enjoy the stories and also have a healthy smoothie at the same time.

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What’s Missing? Dessert!

Although now everyone is full and the veteran is running out of stories you still have that special showstopper veterans day desserts recipes you have saved and the veteran has that one last story he/ she has saved to go with the desert. What better way to relish the moment with the traditional banana pudding when all have gathered around the table listening to grandpa how he met grandma. It is the most elegant and simple yet an all-rounder desert.

 The cream pudding just making the whole lunch worthwhile is another level of satisfaction. May I suggest a tropical fruit tart for all the fruit lovers in the house. Some may go for a homemade veterans day cookie recipes, particularly some kind of all-time favorite or a standard chocolate brownie with hot chocolate pouring down might just bring heaven down to earth. 


A perfectly planned meal with our loved ones is what the veteran asked for when he was serving the country! As we all know food is the secret to winning anyone’s heart. Let’s win over our veterans with the love, and respect they deserve. 


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