Veterans Day vs. Memorial Day. Learn the Difference! Save yourself from Embarrassment!

There is a difference between the two! I repeat veterans’ day is not the same as Memorial Day!

Be wary guys! We all have that clumsy moment in life when we go about something without fully knowing the details. Veterans Day and Memorial Day are an occasion of great pride! It is a time that we honor the proud military! It is a day of national pride and patriotism. These two occasions create a node of unity, trust, and national pride!

Save the Dates!

Veterans Day Vs. Memorial Day

So when is Veterans Day celebrated? It is considered to be a federal holiday and is celebrated on November 11th. 

As for Memorial Day. It is celebrated as a festive event on the last Monday in the month of May.  


Veterans Day Vs. Memorial Day 

Now for the topic, Veterans Day vs. Memorial Day. Let us learn a little bit about what each holiday is about. 

What is Veterans Day About

Veterans Day is marked on the calendar as it is reserved as a day on which we honor those who valiantly fought in combat. Originally Veterans Day was known as armistice day as it commemorated the end of the first world war. 


Veterans Day was originally known as armistice day. Armistice Day was observed in an effort to honor the great soldiers that fought bravely in World War I. Then with the event of The Korean War, and World War II. Congress decided to amend their declaration of Armistice Day and coined “Veterans Day.” 

Veterans Day is used to honor all American soldiers who had so gallantly fought in any war. That way we can honor veterans of all wars. 

To do justice to the topic: Veterans Day vs. Memorial Day, we must also all about what Memorial Day stands for. 


What is Memorial Day About 


Memorial Day is also to honor members of the armed forces. But! Memorial Day is for those who have given their lives to the American nation, through combat. Memorial Day was first known as Decoration Day. It was founded a few years after the civil war and went on to become an official holiday in 1971. 


Memorial Day Celebrations

What do most Americans do on Memorial Day? Most make their way to cemeteries and graveyards where their loved ones are buried. Then host family gatherings to celebrate the sacrifice of loved ones and their fallen comrades in the eve of war. 


Veterans Day Celebrations

When looking at Veterans Day vs. Memorial Day is weighed we will see that the Veterans Day Celebrations are a bit more festive. 

Veterans Day Parade

There are many Veterans Day Parades that take place throughout the United States. But perhaps the most famous is the one hosted in New York City by the United War Veterans Council. This is celebrated in the borough of Manhattan on the fifth avenue in 23rd street. 

Being the second-largest veterans day parade in the county an estimated 25,000 people take part in this grand event. Many groups including various veterans groups, and junior ROTC members, and veterans families take pride in participating in this event. 

Sitting at home going through Veterans day quotes on Pinterest?

Sure Veterans day quotes are sure to fill you with a sense of national pride, but trust me that isn’t the way to go. How about honouring your local veterans? Thank them for their service? Invite them over brunch? There are a whole bunch of ways we can thank our great veterans for their incredible service, and the sacrifices they have made for this great country. 


Got any Veterans Day Images or Photos?

Perhaps you could honor these great veterans through the creation of some good presentations?


But guys do keep in mind! Don’t send those texts or emails to people who have loved ones who passed away in the military veterans day quotes, or even random veterans day images! If someone has given their life in combat that is Memorial Day!

Remember the whole point of this article! Veterans day vs. Memorial day!


Many veterans have comrades who have passed away in combat and may find these mix-ups offensive. The years of service and loyalty they have shown this country should never be forgotten but rather be an inspiration for the coming generations!

We hope that you will no longer be confused with Veterans Day and Memorial Day. Here is an easy way to remember. “Memorial” as in “Memory,” in the loving memory of these brave souls.


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