Veterans Day Program Ideas For Nursing Homes

We all have a general idea about Veteran’s Day. Veterans Day is a U.S. federal national holiday. It is celebrated on 11th November. Veterans are people who fought in the wars or a former member of the armed services or military. Branches of the military include the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard, and veterans may have served during times of war or peace. 

Originally this day was called Armistice Day. An Armistice is when two armies sign an agreement to stop fighting. On this day we honor our soldiers for their services to protect our nation.

The names of these brave souls are usually drafted when they are declared martyrs and some who volunteer to lead severe war injuries. They are true warriors and deserve our admiration.


We all hear about the martyrs, the brave souls who die for their country are often repented. but there are many who endure war injuries.

They are not aren’t sick enough to be in the hospital but are too disabled or elderly to take care of themselves. They even need recognition and nation admiration. But sadly very little is done for them.


The Department of Veterans Affairs 


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is the only organization that looks after these war-hardened soldiers, who once served the nation and are now too weak or disabled to take care of themselves.


There are some private and public nursing homes also available to veterans. There are even state veteran homes run by the state which are approved by VA. These nursing homes are usually financed by the VA.


So why can’t we make this day special for these people? Shower them a little with our love and applause for their services. But the question remains is what can we do for them?


When we come to think of Veterans Day Program Ideas for Nursing Homes our main objective should be honoring and celebrating with those who fought for our country. These Ideas can be as simple as visiting an elderly community or donating to a veteran’s nursing home.


Socialization is Key


Socialization is very dear and precious to the elderly and socially cut-offs. They are deprived of communal interactions. Apart from glory to the nation’s names, they bring back depression and Post-traumatic stress along with physical injury from wars back home.

Least an individual can do is talk to them, learn from their experience, respect their bravery and iron nerves, take their advice and ideas for our day to day lives, listen to their stories and most importantly make them feel special.

If you belong to an organization or institution there are a hell lot of possibilities open for you.


Host a Ceremony

Collect people from your residents, staff, and family to organize a treat or luncheon. see if a local church or school choir or any other musician would be willing to put up a patriotic show for the noble cause.

Ask a few veterans to share or make a speech about their experiences and military careers and what they loved about their past and present life. One might oblige to present a token of honor.


Put Up a Wall of Honor

Display Pictures and models of military symbols like uniforms, medals, badges, and ammunition. Frame the certification of the veterans. Decorate the corridors with self-made portraits of comrades, old pictures of their regiments, and families.


Make a Small Contribution

A small donation to the nursing homes would not go amiss. Usually, these homes are funded by the government and sometimes they are unable to provide proper facilities to the residents under its roof.

So a small amount of donation would also be used in the welfare of these people.

Now you know what you can do as an individual for these unsung heroes. So what are you waiting for, take some time out of your busy schedule and bring smiles upon these poor lonely souls?


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