Veterans Day Speech Ideas For Kids

Veteran day is that day when you show your respect to those who have served your country and safeguarded your life with their own. November 11 is the day when we celebrate Veterans Day. Sandwiched between Halloween and Thanksgiving, Veterans Day can go unnoticed by children. It is the duty of the parents to help their children learn the importance of Veterans Day and how they should show respect and love towards the elder veterans. They should learn about the significance of Veterans Day. There are simple ways by which you can help your child learn about Veterans Day.

Here are some ideas to help your child learn all about Veterans Day and help them give good speeches and showcase their respect.

  • Make Them Understand Clearly Who Veterans Are: It is very important that you make your child understand who a veteran is. Many parents often describe them as people wearing uniforms for easy understanding. This could create a misunderstanding that may effect your child’s conception regarding veterans. Of course they are that, but make them understand how they stay away from their families to protect the country so as to help your child understand it in a deeper way.
  • Say Thank You When You See A Veteran: Be the role model of your own children. Whenever you see a veteran ask you child to simply say thank you to them. Remember for Veteran Day speech ideas for kids you should definitely ask them to say thanks for all the great deeds the veterans have done for the country and the civilians.
  • Ask Them To Help You Bake Goodies For a Veteran: Kids can easily make cards for veterans and distribute them on the auspicious day. You could help them by providing them with Veterans Day speech ideas for kids. If a veteran lives close to your house you could easily bake a cake or cookies for your veteran neighbor and help your child learn the ways.
  • Attend Parades: Many schools and cities held parades and ceremonies to honor the veterans and show their patriotism. You can also have ceremonies and speeches of your own at your neighborhood or home. You can also invite elder veterans if you know any.
  • Support Charities: Many a times while fighting at war fronts, soldiers get injured. There are many charities that help such people. You could also be a part of it. You can donate to such charities or send cards, care boxes and other goodies. You can also take your child to veterans home where you can spend some quality time with them. This would also help your child with their character building.

1. Veterans Day Speech Ideas For Kids

On Veterans Day we honor all, Who Answered to d service all.. . . . Soldies young, and soldiers , Fought . fork freedom, brave and bold Some have lived, while others died And all of them deserve our pride. . . Were proud of all the soldies who, .. Kept thinking of , white and blue.. They fought for us dnd cll our rights, They fought through many days and nights. And though we may not know each name, We thank ALL veterans just the same.

2. Veterans Day Speech Ideas For Kids

veterans Day is an fficial United States haliday which honors people who have served in our drmed services These men and women dre known as veterans.It S is d federal holiddy that is observed on November l. veterans Day is d A day set dside that helps S remember the anniverscry of the endof worldwdr I. World wor I battles were formally endedd the Ithhor of the Ith ddy of the IIth month of IAI8.

We celebrate veterans Ddyedch year 15 a time to be dedicated to thecause of worldpedce. We thank claur veterans for Serving and givingto makeour country ” free, pecceful, and strong

3. Veterans Day Speech Ideas For Kids

Like World War II when patriotism was at an all time high. Around September 11, 2001, I remember a commercial where it showed a line of houses on a street. It looked like the suburbia side of San Francised, words slowly flashed across the screen. It read: On September 11, the terrorists wanted to change America forever. …They succeeded, And before every house on the block of serenity appeared an American flag. And this was true .But only for a short time. When my units from my base started mobilizing for war in Afghanistan and then Iraq, the flags came down, But why? The war never endedIt’s almost like we live in a time when the youth challenges every form of media, its leaders, and sometimes even its defenders of freedomWe are all in the fight together because we are American, Even non-citizens need to understand that we are living in a country that is targeted by her enemies daily. Yes, supporting the troops is supporting America, But supporting America is also supporting its soldiers Marines, sailors, and airmen, we want to be reassured that we are fighting for the citizen who values the American republic.

Every veteran was also a combatant. We were not trained in basic training to sew quilts and learn how to bake cookies. Every branch of service is taught how to fight and win wars. If your military occupational specialty isn’t infantry that doesnt mean you won’t pick up a rifle and encounter combat. When you get the order from your commander, within a moment’s notice, anyone can become a combatant, Every Marine is trained as a riflemanEvery armed service is trained as a bone-crushing, mean-and vicious, stomp the ground until it shakes, skull shattering, war machine This is the reality of the military. We fight. Not everyone wants to admit it but this is our purpose, And even if it was out of stupidity that you signed the contract, you still held up your right hand and swore to defend America’s honor… We knew that our lives would now require a commitment to Relflessness in the adversity of danger, stressand uncertainty. And the veteran stands true to those commitments even after the last day of our contracts. Honor to the flag, commitment to our country and courage to do what is right even if no one else is watching

Let us not forget that military is not just men. There are over 1.2 million women veterans that have served faithfully and honorably as well, I had personally participated in an event dedicating a post office in Cranston RI to Corporal Holly Charette, the first female Marine easualty in Iraq. Their willingness to serve and dedicate their lives to preserving the American dream has always been there Ten amongst the strongest oppositionAs far back as the Revolutionary War, women were not always permitted to join the ranks and fight for freedom and equality, so they would cut their hair

You can also watch various veteran and patriotic movies with your child. You can help them learn all about history in a fun way. Help them learn what they can from various resources. If you have a veteran at home or as a relative take your child there so that they can hear from the person only the great deeds and sacrifices they have undergone for their own country.

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