Veterans Day Decorations for School , Office Idea

Every year the whole of the U.S. celebrate Veterans Day to honor the ex military people who have served the country. After the World War 1, November 11 ha been celebrated as Veterans Day ever since. Even today Americans thank those who have fought to protect and safe guard the country. They have sacrificed their own happiness and well being in order to protect the borders. Parades and speeches are given on this day. Though a lot of decorations are not used on this day, many people decorate lightly to show their gratitude and patriotism. Civilians showcase their support through small acts.

These small and simple Veterans Day decoration ideas would help you to decorate your street and neighbourhood and also your house.

Patriotic Wreath:

Patriotic wreath is a staple when it comes to any American holidays and especially Veterans Day. Wreaths in red, white and blue color is hung from every front door of every house. People also hung it from the patios, or other public event. It showcases their patriotism. You can customize your own patriotic wreath by gluing stars of red, white and blue to wires. You can also use ribbons.

You can easily store and use them later on for other such patriotic events. Though red, white and blue are the standard colors, you can use colors of other variations as well if you want. People all day long decorate their homes with such ideas and give speeches.


Poppies are usually won by the people on the Memorial Day. They wear traditional poppies with button holes. They wear it to show case their respect and gratitude. On Veterans Day you can use the same decorative idea but with a few alterations. You can include poppy wreaths, fabric arrangements of poopy, poppy paintings and many such Veterans Day decoration

American Flags:

Any national holiday is incomplete without the country’s flag. Decorative American flag can be as simple or as complex as you want. Many a times people choose to hang a single flag from their door while some choose to hang double flags. According to the US government citizens who are displaying flags should keep in mind that the blue field should be to the observer’s left if you are hanging it horizontally or vertically. Those who are displaying it on a staff should have the blue part at the top or peak of the staff. The flag should never touch the ground.

These rules are very important otherwise you could be fined or charged of showing disrespect to your country’s flag. US flag banners can also be used but they have a different display. You can also attach flags on your car windows.

The first national holiday to celebrate Veterans Day was in the year 1947. Honouring military veterans and the victims of all the wars is a great way of showing your patriotism, gratitude and respect. It is a state as well as a federal holiday and therefore people pay tributes with poetry and flowers.

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